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change for fit

I am Reka, an Electronics engineer who was working as a software tester at TCS. But my passion to do something more, something special took me towards a long-desired dream to cook, bake and make new things. My life’s train stopped at various stations including terracotta jewelry creation, chocolate making lab, home-baking focused on eggless creations and then to cooking. I enjoyed myself at each stage but I was not fully satiated. My thirst to learn more and share more motivated me to start my own YouTube channel where I was able to share various recipes, tips & tricks in baking at home and designing cakes, the kind that we thought could be done only in bakeries, with ease.

I explored Indian cooking with traditional ingredients and I returned to my basics. I am from a Tamilian Iyengar household and I have access to many recipes and dishes that are both flavorful, healthy and that are low on oil and other hard to digest ingredients. I began exploring the powers of various ingredients that we negligently use in our kitchen everyday. These included both spices (Cumin, Turmeric, Fenugreek etc) and a variety of vegetables and greens that are native to South India. I have shared many lunch-combos and dinner-combos that include such dishes on my channel.

In mid-2021, I had a nagging health concern in the form of knee pain. I was in complete shock as I realized I had overlooked my increasing body weight which now was alarmingly at 80kgs! I started myself on a Paleo diet and lost about 25 kgs in 4 months but it was just the beginning. Weight loss is never the challenge; maintaining that weight in the long-term is the real Everest. And there started my quest to find out how to do that. 

To be able to follow something in the long run we have to ensure it is easy to do, cost-effective and most importantly to our liking. We may drink that protein shake every day when we are on a diet but once we are off the diet, you would prefer to eat some warm idlis or crispy dosa for breakfast wouldn’t you? It was an eye opener. Read on to know how I came upon the solution to this.

Paleo diets are high in protein & fat and are very low or even negligible levels of carbs. But before Paleo, I never paid attention to macros or nutrition in my food. Life has been busy with 2 kids and a full household to run. But now I have learned – about macronutrients, about the role of protein, fat & carb intake in our diet, how it affects our body, energy levels and metabolism. I read a lot and watched many inspiring weight-loss journeys online to understand what actually happens in our body behind the scenes to achieve our weight-loss goals. Through various informational sites, videos, webinars by doctors and nutrition experts I educated myself about the importance of a balanced meal, diet patterns and many other questions I had.

This got me wired up to learn about Nutrition, Health, fitness, Yoga , Exercise, and Weight Loss management. I was curious to know more about the right way of eating , how to motivate ourselves to stay fit, how to give ourselves positive lifestyle changes to which we will be thankful in our later years of life. I also wanted to lead a life that was less dependent on medicine and incorporate ayurvedic teachings to enable my body to self-heal organically. I started to see results. My energy levels spiked and many of my nutritional deficiencies started to fade away, all naturally.

I started on a certification course for weight loss, yoga therapy & holistic nutrition.

I am a person who believes that we can control our lymphatic system over time without visiting the doctor or at least without unnecessary medications for minor issues like a headache, a sore throat or gastric problems which can be easily fixed with an all natural vitamin & mineral-rich diet from our very own garden.

I was very low on Hemoglobin levels throughout my life and had extreme hair loss and fatigue after my second child. So once I started my nutrition course, I gained knowledge about various vitamins and minerals and a balanced diet. I was able to consciously fix my issues by including iron rich elements to my diet. I have gained confidence that this method of natural foods, ingredients and exercise unlocks the way to being fit for long-term and is the best answer to all these crash diets and power-workouts that give only short-term results.

At this stage I knew I wanted to explore this wonderful world of natural nutrition and self-healing. Change for Fit is my way of sharing this with the world and helping others help themselves to be more fit. Fitness is not an unattainable mountain. It is a straight flat road that we need to walk, consistently, every day. It is about discipline, and training our mind to stick to the path. 

Stay with me on this journey and benefit from my learnings.

Change For Fit!